Welcome to Study in Sweden with Nordic Student Service

During the 2 years in Sweden, I learned a lot together with my friends from around the world. We learned and gain knowledge about science, culture, geography, innovation, sustainability etc. It has opened my eyes to see the world. It helped me in the real work life. We learned a lot in a group working as well as learned to be independent.

"I love the idea of splitting the semester into two terms; that way, we can concentrate on only two or three subjects and learn more deeply in a shorter time."
"Helpful people, reliable facilities, peaceful surroundings, international atmosphere; simply one of the best experiences in my life."


"Studying in Sweden is amazing! This is my first experience going abroad and I think living in Sweden is the best choice since the environment is very conducive to study as well as to interact with many international students. I almost didn't find any difficulties by studying here. Sweden itself respects the diversity such as for ethnic and religion thus I can focus on my personal development. Even more, this makes me easier to adapt to the culture."


“I experienced a very different from my home university, but in a good way. The atmosphere more calm and relaxed, and yet the level of knowledge that you get after completing each courses is much higher. I absolutely love the way in which the lectures try firstly to be friend with us and then convey quality information through the course lecture.”