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Studying in the land of innovation and rich of culture
Sweden is the birth place of many successful international corporations such as telephone provider Ericsson, automotive companies Volvo and Scania, household appliances Electrolux, bearing manufacturer SKF and high-tech engineering groups Sandvik and Atlas Copco. There are a number of successful inventions such as the computer mouse, Bluetooth, the ball bearing, the Tetra Pak, Skype.
The well-known international brands such as IKEA and clothes retailer H&M has also made in Sweden.
There are number of talented of groups and artist like ABBA, Europe, Roxete, Ace of Base, The Cardigans and many more that you may have heard their successfulness.

Standards are high

Sweden is a home of the Nobel Prize and the world’s most prestigious academic distinction. Sweden has a long proud history of academic excellence, with outstanding universities dating back to 15th century. Sweden has been ranked the best in Europe and 2nd in the world at providing higher education, research on education system conducted by U21. All education standards in
Sweden are evaluated, controlled and maintained by the higher education and by institution themselves.

Being in an international class

Any program you choose, likely that you will have classmates from around the world. You would have the debate from classmates that has different opinion, background and experiences; thus you would learn from many perspectives.
You will have a good chance of spending a lot of time with these people and will make life-long friends. Having an international network would be a beneficial for your future.

Scholarship is available

The universities provide some scholarship, full, 75 % and 50 % of tuition fee. The Swedish institute grants hundreds of scholarships every year to help foreign students to be able to study and stay in Sweden and simply more affordable.

English is spoken by all

Almost all Swedes speak fluent English. Many companies in Sweden use English as their official working language. This situation makes easier to adapt for foreign or international students. There are some services designed to make foreign students feel at home, usually arranged by the student universities or student union.

Make you reach your full potential

Swedish universities known for their investigate research and independent thinking. A strong focus on group working and cooperation gives you valuable skills for the future. Swedish education system much focus is on developing the student’s ability to engage in critical thinking and develop an analytical mindset. At the same time there is a focus on independent work, you will also learn how to manage your time in order to complete individual assignment. This can be helpful for your future career.
The informal atmosphere between the teacher and the students is designed to promote social and intellectual development. Because of this informal relation, you would learn directly from these very distinguished professors.

Location and Environment

Sweden is open, multicultural society with a long tradition of welcoming students from abroad.
Currently, some 40,000 foreign students are studying in Sweden, so, it is characterized by multicultural environment.
The best study environment is the ones close to nature. Sweden offers the astonishing nature. Universities located close to the forest, lakes, outdoor activities as well as the city. Sweden has a long tradition of strict environmental laws and control. Thus it has a well biological capacity, and also a low environmental impact country.
Sweden known as a country that has reputation for gender quality, Sweden also declared as a neutral country that has a peaceful foreign relationship. It is a safe place to study.

(Source : www.studyinsweden.se)